Tipi Spaces have a variety of tents and tipis for hire.  We specialise in Nordic Stratus 72 tipis and We are proud to be the only supplier in Devon and cornwall to supply unique ‘white’ canvas tipis for tipi weddings and tipi events.

Tentipi Nordic tipis are based upon the traditional design principles of the Sami kata.  The Sami people are nomadic reindeer herders in North Scandinavia and designed the kata to be an easily mobile home, providing warmth and protecting them from the harsh, arctic winds.

Tentipi was founded by Bengt Grahn.  After an exhilarating canoeing trip in Lapland he found himself in unhospitable conditions trying to build a shelter in which he could prepare food and get warm and dry.  As he battled against the elements, he thought on the ingenuity of the Sami people and was inspired to use their traditional design to make the best tent in the world for camping expeditions and exciting events.

Since the first tipi in 1989, Bengt has continuously been refining, adapting, innovating and learning.  30 years of innovation and development has led the gradual improvement and enhancement of the tipi design and engineering, ensuring Tentipi tipis are at the forefront of temporary event structures, offering unrivalled strength, durability and safety whilst retaining their original aesthetic beauty.  Tentipi supply businesses around the world with tipis for hire.

Beach Tipi

At Tipi Spaces, our customers are at the heart of our business and we take the time to listen to your requirements to ensure that we can fulfil your expectations and successfully make your tipi event concept a reality.  We are confident that we have a great product and have spent time training and developing an expert team of tipi builders to ensure we can be relied upon to deliver a beautiful tipi structure for your tipi wedding or tipi event.  We understand that your time is precious and that you value a prompt response, accurate and timely communication, honesty and professional integrity.  We strive to ensure your experience planning your tipi wedding or tipi event is an enjoyable one and that you receive a seamless service from your first point of contact with us to the last.  Our aim is to not just meet your requirements but to exceed your expectations!


Our tipis are unique.  We are proud to be the only company in Devon and Cornwall to have ivory-white tipis for hire.   The beautiful light-coloured canvas allows more natural light inside than the standard tan-coloured tipis.  Their neutral colour also means that they offer more flexibility when it comes to colour schemes and styling.  Our tipis are striking against any landscape yet the natural elements of wood and canvas always complement their surroundings.  Their gargantuan size is misleading.  When you step inside the tipi, their conical shape ergonomically wraps around you, creating a feeling of cosy security and comfort.  This also creates an intimacy at even the largest events.

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Tipi Size

Each of our Stratus Tipis measure up to 13m in diameter.  Up to 80 standing guests can be safely and comfortably accommodated inside one tipi with the sides closed.  Up to 72 guests can be seated inside one tipi on 9 trestle tables.

The tipis can also be linked together side by side in a double or triple tipi formation in a straight line, an arc or a triangle.

Two linked tipis can accommodate up to 160 standing guests or up to 144 seated guests.

Three linked tipis can accommodate up to 240 standing guests or up to 216 seated guests.

For larger events, please do get in touch.


The gigantic size of our tipis is down to the extraordinarily long poles.  At over 8 metres long, they are just small enough to fit onto the largest trailer.

To find wood that is so long, straight, light, flexible and strong requires travelling into the depths of the forests in northern Scandinavia where the darkness and cold ensures an extremely slow annual growth rate.  Our poles come from trees that are over 100 years old.  The trees are selected and felled by hand before being crafted into poles for our tipis.

Tipis for hire in devon
Tipi Styling

We don’t just supply tents and tipis for hire!  We can also supply power, indoor and outdoor lighting, heating, furniture, tableware, decor, flooring, outdoor fire pits and a catering tent to complete your tipi wedding or tipi event.

If there is anything we cannot supply then we can help point you in the right direction and recommend caterers to cook up a feast, florists to enhance our beautiful tipis, games and entertainment to help get the party started, cheerful barmen to mix your favourite cocktails, props and table décor to add the wow factor, stationary to intrigue your guests or outfitters to ensure you are dressed to impress.  Take a look at our list of local suppliers who we love.

Charlotte has been planning weddings and events for over twenty years so if you need additional help or advice then she will be happy to hear from you.