To help you envisage the size of our tipis and plan your tipi wedding or event we have a useful tool.

Our Tipi Planner helps you plan the layout of your tipis and also see how they will fit into your outdoor space.

Just click on the link below and you will be taken to the start page.  You can choose from three options, we recommend using the Wizard which will help you to choose the right number of tipis for your event.  You can then add furniture components to the tipis including tables, dancefloor, stage, bar and lounge furniture to help you plan your ideal layout.

You can also add the address of your home or venue and the plan will be laid over your garden or field to show the space needed to accommodate the tipis.

If you need any help then please do get in touch and Charlotte will talk you through how it works.

When you are happy with the layout and you are satisfied that our tipis are the right structure for your event then email us for a quote or book a Discovery Call with Charlotte.