Fairy Lights


 Guide Price

We include 5 x 10m strands of ‘warm white’ fairy lights with each tipi which is plenty of light to illuminate our tipis after dark.

We hang the lights from the peak so they hang down and are entwined around the poles, highlighting the impressive interior structure of our tipis.

The lighting is soft and creates an ambient warmth as the evening draws in.  It is enough light to have a conversation and to safely move around inside the tipi.




One 10m length is sufficient to light on tipi pole.

We include 5 x 10m strands with each tipi.

There are nine poles in each tipi.

Additional strands can be hired to light extra poles or light other spaces.

The lights are LED and require 1 x 13 amp socket.




Not Included



Things to Consider

Additional internal spot lights or uplights for highlighting features inside the tipis such as a dancefloor, bar or stage.