The Trio


 Guide Price

Three ivory-white tipis linked together to accommodate up to 240 standing guests or up to 216 seated guests.  Three tipis can be built side-by-side in a straight line, in a curved arc or in a triangle.  The choice is yours and will perhaps depend on the nature of your event or the space available at your home or venue.  We will come and do an initial site viewing and will advise you accordingly.  The front tipis sides can be raised to create a more alfresco experience.  If you are concerned about the weather, we can also add pvc window walls and our impressive wooden doors to create an all weather space.  The tipis also have ventilation cap at the top peak which can be raised to allow warm air to rise keeping them cool in the Summer.


Capacity: 216 seated or 240 standing

Dimensions: 35m x 13m (minimum space required)

Height: 7.4m


  • Installation and removal.
  • Site visit and site plan.
  • Event support and advice.


Not Included
  • The guide price is for the installation and removal of the tipis only.  It does not include furniture, lighting, flooring or other event accessories.
  • Power supply.

How long does it take to build?

This depends on the number of tipis you require, their configuration and how many additional components you would like such as flooring, doors and walls.  The tipis themselves take a couple of hours to build.  We suggest starting the build one or two days before you wedding or event to allow plenty of time and additional time for you to dress the tipis ready for you party.

Do I require insurance?

We recommend that all our clients take out insurance for their wedding and event.

Things to Consider
  • The amount of ground space available in your garden or field including any overhead obstructions such as trees or power lines.  Also, any underground pipes or cables which could prevent us building.  Large tipis require long stakes.  Ours are 60cm long!
  • Power supply.  If you require any lighting for your event then we will require somewhere to plug our lights into.  We recommend hiring a generator to provide sufficient power for lighting, sound and kitchen.
  • Heating.  Our tipis do not come with any heating.  Dependent on the weather forecast and season you may wish to hire marquee heaters to blow warm air into the tipi.  We only recommend this if you are planning to have the tipis completely enclosed as any warm air will quickly escape through open sides.
  • We also highly recommend that you take out insurance for your wedding or event.