The Solo


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Micro weddings, intimate garden parties, alfresco dinners, lounge bar, dance tent, kids entertainment, VIP area.  Our solo tipi is the perfect solution to all your mini outdoor celebration needs.

The Solo has a maximum capacity of 72 seated guests and 80 standing guests.

The tipi measures over 10m in diameter and has a height of 7.5m.

It is a nine-sided nonagon shape and the canvas can be lifted all the way round to create a fun, witches hat-shaped shelter from the sun or rain.  We supply DandyDura matting to keep your feet dry and twinkly fairy lights to illuminate the tipi after dark.  Our unique, bright ivory-white canvas allows the natural daylight inside the tipi and also reflect artificial light beautifully.  It is also the perfect blank canvas for you to express your own distinct style and personality.

You can also completely enclose the tipis by leaving the sides down for a cosier atmosphere or add window walls for an enclosed space with a view and our Iroko hardwood doors to create an impressive entrance.

The tipi has a ventilation cap at the peak which acts as a clever air conditioning system drawing the hot air up and out of the tipi so you remain cool on the hottest Summer days.

If you need more space then you can link two or more tipis together to create a bigger open plan venue.

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DandyDura floor matting.

Internal fairy lights.

Outdoor festoon lights.

Installation and removal.

Site visit and site plan.

Event support and advice.

Not Included




Things to Consider

Power supply.

Insurance for your wedding or event.

The tipi takes one day to build and a day to remove.

Access to the event site for our vehicles.

Well-drained, level ground is ideal.