The Solo


 Guide Price

Each of our giant ivory-white tipis can accommodate up to 80 standing guests or 72 seated guests.  They have a diameter of over 10m and reach a height of over 7m.  Our tipis look stunning alone or can be linked together with other tipis to create a larger space for bigger weddings or events.  Their clever design means one or all of their nine sides can be lifted to create an elegant awning.  You can also completely enclose the tipis by leaving the sides down for a cosier atmosphere or add window walls and our Iroko hardwood doors to create an impressive entrance.  The tipis also have a ventilation cap at the peak which can be raised to allow warm air to rise allowing them to stay cool in the Summer.



Installation and removal.

Site visit and site plan.

Event support and advice.

Not Included

This price is for the installation of one tipi only.  It does not include any lighting, flooring, furniture or other styling accessories.  Delivery costs are also additional.

Things to Consider

Power supply.

Insurance for your wedding or event.