Floor Matting


 Guide Price

All our tipis and tents come with DandyDura® floor matting.  The matting is woven polypropylene which is extremely strong, durable and weatherproof.  The flecked golden sand colour complements the ivory coloured canvas and accompanies other colour schemes well.  Its strong durability means that we can wash it after every event and you receive a fresh, clean floor.

We can supply additional matting to create walkways.  The matting comes in rolls of 10m x 2m.




Not Included


Things to Consider

The matting will be laid directly onto the ground.

If the ground is particularly wet or if heavy rain is forecast then we can also supply an underlay to provide added protection.

The matting will follow the contours of the ground so if the ground is very uneven then we recommend wearing flat shoes.

We recommend mowing grass as short as possible before we begin installation as this will help the mats to lay flatter.