We are conscious of the impact that our activities have both locally and globally on the sustainability of our planet and the welfare of our local community.

Throughout our business journey we have remained mindful of this and the ethos behind our business which is to enable others to celebrate safely outdoors enjoying the freedom and beauty of nature.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Our aim is to offer a service that is completely carbon neutral.

Tipi Spaces are based in East Devon.  We work locally within Devon, Cornwall, West Dorset and Somerset to keep our mileage as low as possible, reducing our emissions.

We are a paperless office and only use renewable energy sources to heat and power our office and storage facility.  We reduce, reuse and recycle everything we can and upcycle and re-purpose wherever possible.

Our tipi lighting uses LED bulbs which require minimal electric power.

Our trailer which we use to transport our tipis is made from 100% recyclable materials.

All our tipis are made from natural resources including cotton canvas and wooden poles.  The canvas is a light colour which allows more natural light into the tent reducing the need for electric lighting.  The peak can also be opened which allows natural ventilation.

We try to avoid the use of man-made materials in all our furnishings too.

Our tipis are manufactured by Tentipi in Sweden who share our aims to be environmentally sustainable.  The poles come from trees grown in sustainable forests managed by the Swedish Forest Board.  For every tree harvested, a new tree is grown.  The tents are designed with longevity in mind, using high quality fabrics and minimal use of energy and raw materials.

A Greener Future For Tipi Spaces

Tipi Spaces are currently researching mobile renewable energy sources which will eventually remove the need for our clients to hire a petrol fuelled generator.  We are also looking into alternative heat sources that do not require energy from fossil fuels.

To deliver our tipis, we currently require the use of a diesel-fuelled 4×4 vehicle.  For site visits and smaller deliveries we travel by electric vehicle.  By the end of 2024 we intend for our vehicle fleet to be entirely electric.

A Social Responsibility 

We support local, employing local people and working with other local suppliers and businesses.  We believe in a fair wage for a fair days work, paying above the National Living Wage and helping to support and sustain the wider local economy.

We would love to tell you more, so please do get in touch.