Freedom to celebrate

Tipi Spaces has been born out of our love for outdoor adventures, gatherings and celebrations.  At home in the garden, at festivals or remote spots around the UK and further afield.  We have lots of happy memories of spending time with family and friends outdoors, playing music, telling stories and sharing a meal around a fire and beneath a starlit sky.  Uniting all these experiences has been the element of space in nature and freedom beyond the confines of indoors.  

Our giant, ‘white’ Nordic tipis enable us to offer you the space and freedom to entertain and celebrate outdoors in a meaningful place; at home, in a garden, on a farm, in a park, by the sea, on the riverside, by a lake, on a hill-top or in a woodland.  Outdoors, in the fresh air but with the benefit of a beautiful shelter so you can party whatever the weather.  If you have the outdoor space we can bring the Tipi Space!     

Our unique tipis are low impact, fire proof, water resistant, strong, flexible and strikingly beautiful. 


Charlotte has spent the last twenty years managing venues and organising parties, weddings and events.  After looking after beautiful stone-built venues in London and Sydney she has turned her skills to managing more mobile, canvas venues!  If you need any advice about planning your wedding or event then Charlotte is only too happy to help.  She has an extensive list of contacts in and around Devon, a keen eye for detail and a wild imagination.

Tipi Crew
Tipi Crew

Shane is an Engineer with a background in IT project management and a passion for building and fixing things.  He is our technical problem solver, site surveyor, chief builder, logistician, and spreadsheet master!  He also introduced Charlotte to the joys of life under canvas and is happiest sitting under a starlit sky, in front of a blazing fire with a jar of West Country cider in hand.